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Synersys is the first Odoo Silver partner in the Philippines. Contact us today to customize Odoo applications to your specific business needs.

Odoo Silver Partner The Odoo eco system is designed to ensure that Odoo’s users will enjoy the best customer experience with our products. The community brings a wealth of new functionality. Odoo as a software publisher is committed to continuously improving the quality of the software. Our local partners provide integration and support services. Partners which have qualified for the Silver Partner level are experienced in implementing Odooprojects. Silver partners enjoy enhanced benefits as well as access to additional resources to support the growth of their business with Odoo. Silver partners also have a minimum of 2 certified OdooFunctional Specialists on the latest Odoo version (enforced starting Q3 2014).

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Case Study

APL used OpenERP (Odoo is the new OpenERP) as a platform to optimize their operations

What has been the biggest benefit or the results that you have achieved after the implementation of your ERP system?
The biggest benefit has been the accomplishment of the initial objective, which was to deliver a basic control system and platform for future development.
What ultimately made you decide to buy OpenERP? and do business with Synersys Consulting Inc?
Ultimately, the decision was based on modernization through the use of technology. The choice of Synersys Consulting Inc was straightforward in that the customer orientation and team competence convinced the stakeholders of the professionalism on-hand.
Were you at all hesitant about buying OpenERP? If so, why? If not, why not?
Given the flexibility in design and updates of OpenERP, our hesitation was minimal. The ability to consistently develop the system is definitely an advantage moving forward and therefore convinced us of its value in the changing landscape.
Would you do business with Synersys Consulting Inc for additional requirements? and why?
Yes, because OpenERP allows for continuous development and integration of business functions.
Who would you recommend OpenERP to your customers looking for an ERP system?
I would recommend OpenERP to SME’s with high growth potential.
Do you have any comments or would you like to provide a brief testimonial regarding OpenERP and Synersys Consulting?
The rate of change is such that technology needs to be variable; therefore OpenERP represents a development platform fit for the future. To compliment that, Synersys Consulting remarkably manages the relationship between the stakeholders while continuing to set the standards.